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Location – Serendipity Resort is located at the southernmost point on Sunrise beach. Approaching from Sunrise Beach you have to walk past Idyllic resort then walk behind the rock outcrop and through Viewpoint Bungalows until you come to the small secluded beach. Serendipity is built on the land rising up from this beach. The resort can also be accessed from the rear by taking the trail that starts from the concrete road and brings you behind Anda and Idyllic resorts then rises up though the forest to Serendipity.

Terrain – The resort is built on a plot 45 meters wide and 200 meters long which rises up from the beach to a maximum elevation of 55 meters Above Sea Level (A.S.L.). The restaurant and bar are built on the rocks to the left of the beach (standing on the beach with your back to the ocean). The bungalows are positioned in the natural landscape and flora of the island. The bungalows have been positioned to take advantage of the great views afforded by the elevated position and to give privacy to our guests. The resort was designed to blend in with the landscape as opposed to sit on it. The bungalows are accessed by wooden walkways and steps that branch off to individual bungalows. Please see site layout below for individual bungalow placement and type. View Site Layout Her

Bungalows – We currently have 4 categories and price bands of accommodation :

  • A. Deluxe Seaview (6) – 50-55 Sqm including large private balcony. Located 30-120 steps up the hill.
  • B. Deluxe Hill Top Seaview (2) – Same as Deluxe Seaview bungalow but located higher on the hill approx. 160 steps.
  • C. Deluxe Pool Seaview (2) – Same design as Deluxe Seaview but with 4mx2m plunge pool. Located approx. 60-80 steps up hill.
  • D. Pool Villa Seaview, (2) – 100 Sqm internal living area consisting of One Bed room with living area and a separated living room, which can be converted into second bedroom. 60 sqm of balcony with decked area with 3.5m x 4m plunge pool.

All the bungalows are of the same design and layout apart from our two pool villas (see description here). The only differences are positioning on the land (please see site plan above) and whether there is plunge pool or not.

When staying at Serendipity with toddlers (children 1 month to 4 years) we recommend bungalows located lower down the site. When we see a reservation request with young children we will always try to book you into Seaview bungalows 1, 2 or 3 ***

A baby cot is available on request (please advise if required when booking).

Check in time is 1.00 p.m. and Check out time is 12.00 a.m. (noon).

Getting to the Lipe Click here for more details

Private Transfers – We do not arrange transfer to our resort due to concern with third party. Please contact local agency listed below for your transfer to and from Koh-Lipe

Agent list
Jolly Travel
Contact person: Khun Da 089-296-8866
Satun CPS
Contact person: Khun Meena 086-808-8080
Satun Pakbara
Contact person: Khun Kea 085-670-2282

We hope this page and the website in general provides you with all the information you require. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information about the Island, resort and facilities.


We are travelling from Malaysia (via Lang Kawi) to Lipe, is there an immagration point on the island ?

Yes, an immigration office operates on the island from 20th Oct. until the end of May. However they only give a fifteen (15) day visa when arriving by boat. If you wish to stay longer in the Kingdom of Thailand, for instance if your onward travel from Lipe is in Thailand you should consider getting a visa from the Thai Embassy / Consulate in your own country of residence.

Do we need to book a boat ticket in advance ?

Yes, for peace of mind it is a good idea to book all travel arrangements ahead of time especially in the high season.

I have heard during December – January it is very windy on Lipe is this true ?

yes it can be windy during these months with a stiff breeze blowing predominately from the North East. Typically, this wind then switches round to blow from the South West as we go through January.

Whilst staying at serendipity we are celebrating our wedding anniversary. Do you provide anything special to help us celebrate this occasion ?

We are always pleased when guests choose Serendipity as their chosen location to celebrate special occasions and we are happy to do what we can to make the occasion a memorable one. if we know in advance we can do our best to provide whatever is requested, whether it be a private romantic dinner, champagne breakfast, private sunset cruise, special cake, etc. just let us know and we will be happy to assist.

We are a family of five (2 adults and 3 children aged 3, 7 and 12) is it possible to all stay in one bungalow as a family ?

Our bungalows are designed as spacious 2 person accommodation but we recognized there would at times be a demand for extra guests to be accommodated. As such we designed the day bed and large occasional table in a way that they could be converted into either two single beds or an additional double sized bed. in some instances we have accommodated 2 adults and three children where the youngest has either shared the adult bed or we have placed an extra mattress in the room, however, this is not ideal as it seriously compromises the space, comfort and privacy of the bungalow and guests. As long as guests recognize that this is the case we are happy to oblige in the case of families that do not want to take two bungalows. We will not allow 5 adults to share our standard bungalows as this is not what they were designed for.

Now we have been open for 5 seasons we recognize an increasing demand for genuine family friendly accommodation as such are currently planning to build more such accommodation. This will consist of a separate living room that can be converted into second bedroom with its own bathroom. (Please see the description and images under the “Pool villa” in the Rooms and Rates page of this website.

We are on our honeymoon. Does your resort have many kids during our stay ?

Serendipity has a mixture of couples, and families and we never really know what that mix might be at any one time.

Will the noise from the long tail boats be disturbing during our stay ?

This is probably the biggest cause of complaint for the island in general. This is to the most extent outside of our control but we are making efforts to address the issue e.g. any boats that we use are fitted with noise suppression mufflers. Unfortunately many of the boat operators believe they get better performance from their engines by not restricting the exhaust on the engines used. The issue is raised at every opportunity by us here at Serendipity and some other resorts but to date the effect has been minimal.

The main periods when the noise can be at its worst is between 7.30 – 9.30 a.m. when departing customers are taxi’d to their departure points.

I have an allergy for grain wheat and nut! would you be able to provide a different type of bread while we stay ?

if we know in advance that any of our guests have specific dietary requirements we will do everything we can to provide suitable alternatives to our standard menu and ingredients used.

Do any of your bungalows have completely unrestricted views of the ocean or are there trees / foliage obstructing the views ?

No, it was and is our policy here at Serendipity to retain as much of the original flora as possible. This helps the environment and the shade provided by the naturally occurring plant life is most welcome in the tropical heat. However, given the elevated position serendipity enjoys, the views are still fantastic and do give that “wow” factor time and time again.

Is the ocean save to swim ? Are there any jelly fish ?

The ocean is very safe to swim in here but as in any ocean you need to be aware of the potential hazards. There are sea urchins in some places on the sea bed and you need to be careful when swimming over coral bommies for instance. A good rule of thumb when in the ocean is look but don’t touch..! This season we have had one instance when there were very small jellyfish in the ocean around Lipe for a few days when some guest reported skin irritations after swimming but such irritations were mild and cleared up within an hour or so. Such occurrences are unusual here in Lipe.

I am particularly sensitive to mosquitoes and other bugs, do you provide any protection ?

we have repellant available at the resort and in the rooms. We have a turndown service during which the housekeeping team prepare your room to minimize unwanted guests. We recommend the use of the creams and the mosquito nets provided.

When is the good time to visit Koh Lipe?

Typically the rainy season is August / September with the most dependable weather November – May hence the traditional “High” Season here on Lipe. However June and July can also experience great weather conditions and the island is also relatively quiet during this period. 

Resort will be closed in September 2016 to give the staff a well earned break and carry out maintenance improvements.

Why do I have to pay 50 Baht for long tail boat ? Can you arrange a pick up upon arrival on the island ?

if we know which boat you are on and your departure point and time then we can usually arrange a pick up. Sometimes it is easier to just jump on a taxi longtail boat to reach us, in this event we are quite happy to reimburse the charge on your arrival.
We always arrange a taxi longtail for departures from the resort.

Can I rent a motorbike on the island ?

No, but bicycles are a great option and a lot safer anyway.

How far is it from your resort to walking street and how long does it takes to walk around the island ?

Serendipity is located at the end of Sunrise beach and as such takes approx. 10 – 15 minutes to get to Walking Street at a relaxed pace. Pattaya Beach is at the end of Walking Street (another 5 minutes) and a walk to Sunset Beach from walking Street takes about 10 – 15 minutes. The whole island can be explored comfortably in a day.

Do we need a voltage transformer ?

Serendipity operates a 220 volt system and we also have universal adaptors for various configuration plugs.

Do you provide beach towels or should we bring one with us ?

We do provide beach towels and sarongs for use on the beach.

Can you tell me if the beds are firm or soft ?

Most guests report that our mattresses are comfortable and provide for a good nights sleep. However as this is a subjective matter we do have “mattress toppers” which can be placed over the mattress to adjust to individual taste.

Is it easy to use a credit card on the island ?

Many outlets accept credit card payments on the island including Serendipity but there is usually a nominal fee for doing so, i.e. 3.5% Visa, Mastercard and 5% Amex at Serendipity. Smaller outlets such as family run restaurants / bars do not have a credit card payment facility. It is possible to get “cashback” at some outlets (not Serendipity) but there is often a surchage of 5% or more for this service.

Is it possible to change travelers cheques and / or, foreign currency on the island ?

Yes there are some places that will change traveler cheques and will provide a forex service. however, at Serendipity we are unable to do this, as we do not have a license.

Do we have snorkeling equipment available to rent ?

We do have fins, masks and snorkels for the use of our guests, we also have kayaks and the appropriate safety equipment for their safe use.

What is the difference between Deluxe Hilltop Sea View and Deluxe Sea View?

Our two Hilltop bungalows are the highest elevated bungalows with 160 plus steps to reach them, our six seaview bungalows are slightly lower positioned on the site at approx. 30-120 plus steps. All of our bungalows have seaviews but we wanted to make a distinction and inform guests about the different elevations.

Do you have special rates for travel agents, tourism sector workers, airline staff, etc.?

No, we do sometimes offer discounts and special offers but these are available to all customers and not particular groups. Any special offers are published on our website and / or our F.B. page.

We are travelling with young children and need to know if we can get diapers on the island?

You can purchase everything you need on the island as there are many minimarts and even a pharmacy on the island. However, due to transportation costs and relatively limited competition you may pay a premium for some items and as such it may be prudent to make purchases on the mainland especially if you require a particular brand or an unusual product.